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Welcome to ebuyexchange.com. Here you can exchange . Our site provides fast and secure exchanges with the lowest fees.Please Signup or login to use the services

Note For All Customers

We Received Some Exchange Request from esw3.net Server Which We have deduct the Problem. The server is currently down So Customers whose email address is from @esw3.net Must Note We cant sent emails to this Server Because of esw3.net Server is Currently down
Please Note If you need to place Order please sent email to admin@ebuyexchange.com From Any Other Email address So We process your Order
We Apologize for inconvenience.

About Our Company

We are the Official & Authorize Exchanger /Merchant of C-Gold.com & EGOPAY.com

Our exchanger ebuyexchange.com is one of biggest and well known companies in this market, we are certified exchanger of most major electronic currencies. We were regularly awarded in various polls, made by different online magazines about finances, Our team counts tens of qualified workers from different countries, among those are certified accountants, lawyers, former bank employees, specialists in security and other spheres, related to finances. We have partnership with variety financial structures and serious law companies, our branches and representatives are located all around the world, so we are performing your orders in shortest terms at any time of day or night. We will be glad to provide you almost any legal financial service possible. Our staff is speaking many languages, and we will surely find common language with any customer!We are the Official & Authorize Exchanger /Merchant of

C-Gold.com , EgoPay.com , PerfectMoney.com

We Will Soon Be Authorize Exchanger /Merchant of Solid trust Pay / Payza

Our Exclusive Exchange Tariff (For Discount Above 500$ Exchange Please Chat with Live Support)

***. Western Union to EgoPay 100$ Wu to 70$ Ego Pay

***. Western Union to BitCoin 100$ WU = 70$ Btc

***. Western Union to Perfect Money = 100$ Wu to 70$ PM

***. Western Union to C-Gold 100$ Wu to 70$ C-Gold

***. Moneygram to BitCoin 100$ MG = 70$ Btc

***. Moneygram to Perfect Money = 100$ MG to 70$ PM

***. Moneygram to C-Gold 100$ MG to 70$ C-Gold

***. Bank Wire USD to Perfect Money USD = 10%

***. Bank Wire USD to C-gold USD = 10%

***. Bank Wire USD to Bitcoin USD = 10%

**. Paypal USD to Perfect Money = Maximum 50$ for Single order to 40$ PM

1. Perfect Money USD to EgoPay USD =4%

2. Egopay to Perfect Money EUR = 6%

3.C-gold USD to Perfect Money / EgoPay USD = 17%

4.Perfect Money/EgoPay USD to C-gold USD = 6%

5.Perfect MoneyUSD to Btc USD = 6%

6.Btc USD to Perfectmoney USD = 6%


Now We accept Western union/Money Gram World Wide
Now We Accept Western union/Money Gram World Wide User Can Buy/Sell/Exchange e-currency Through Western union/Money Gram more
Aug-21-2015 04:38:00 PM

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